The HR Consulting segment includes three distinct divisions: Permanent Staffing, Skill Sourcing, and Strategic HR Services.

Permanent Staffing


For the most part deals with requirements for middle/junior organization workforce

Rapid response time to client requirements

Clued-up sourcing.

Emergent Pool of larger than 50,000 proficient.

computerized Resume Pool for quick toning of profiles

ad hire

Simplify the course of discovering right applicants
Awareness programs and interest creation in client’s organization.
Out-and-out panels to comprehend client's requests, organization structure, culture, and the role linkages
Servers allocated to handle the email.
Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and budgets.

Skill Sourcing

Hire + House + Train + pay

The enlistment of workforce in the specified numbers and their placement locations acknowledged by clients through our Out-and-out panels of committed Staffing Solutions. At the termination, the deputed workforce unlisted from the client site.

Strategic HR

Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and budgets
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