Application Development

Astrix has been developing applications for domestic as well as global clients across industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Design, Financial Services, and Travel & Transportation. Our breadth of expertise in various technologies, combined with our partnership-led approach has enabled us to deliver and exceed client expectations consistently.

Our delivery methodology and best practices derived from partnering with clients leverage our proven Astrix Sourcing model to offer maximum benefits to clients for their application development initiatives.

Astrix's quality and delivery capability team has been working to get through numerous certifications, like the CMM Level 3, ISO 9001:2000, and TickIT, aiming all in a relatively short period of time. These capabilities being fundamental to Astrix, we are able to consistently deliver reliable applications that fully meet customer requirements and expectations

Astrix's application development offerings are categorized based on technology. Our delivery methodology extensively leverages our business analysis and architect & design practices to deliver business solutions. Further, we have specific process models for executing different application development projects such as the Astrix Process (AP).

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